Brian, Marty, Chris, Dakota

Region: Europe

Topic: Romani people face discrimination

Task 1: Romani child taken from her mother- Brian


Many Romani people are discriminated and suffer in many ways throughout Europe. On July 14, 1999, five-year-old Elvizia M, the daughter of Mrs. A.M, is taken away from her mother in Italy because of the color of Elvizia's eyes. When the "police officers reportedly told her mother that the reason for her removal was that chipper, green-eyed Elvizia was 'too pretty to be a Gypsy.'" (Carlisle) shows strong discrimination to Romani people because of the fact that police are racial profiling the children. Because Elvizia's eye color didn't match the description of what a Romani person looked like, they accused of Mrs. A.M of steeling the child and Elvizia was taken into state custody. Another reason of discrimination suffering is that children are taken away if the house has poor hygiene standards when the article says, "Most Roma born abroad or born to immigrant parents live in so-called 'camps' which are often below hygienic standard." (Carlisle). Romani people are forced to live in camps that have very poor hygiene and is unfair because the government put them in those camps. Also, when the article says, "Common justifications for state child theft are 'unsanitary living conditions', 'exploitation of minors' and 'abandonment'" (Carlisle) which shows that if a child is left unattended, then the police have the right to take the abandoned child away. This forces Mrs. A.M to take her children everywhere because if she leaves them alone, the police have the right to take the children away from her and she doesn't have enough money to hire a baby sitter. Many Romani people just like Mrs. A.M, suffers the same type of discrimination suffering throughout Europe.


Romani People Living in Tent

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French Expulsion of Gypsies Lead to Tension in Europe.

Task 2: Romani people face huge discrimination in Europe- Marty

Metal barracks in Primaverii Street.
Metal barracks in Primaverii Street.
Toy in the ruins of a Roma settlement.
Toy in the ruins of a Roma settlement.


In this report, it shows all the discrimination that Romani have to handle all over Europe, from having "several EU governments plan to forcibly return Roma to Kosovo, where they face severe discrimination" and also the hardships they face even out of Kosova. Roma people are put down all over Europe, even at birth they are not given equal rights to others, for in "Slovakia, huge numbers of Romani children are inappropriately placed in 'special schools' for children with mental disabilities, where they receive a substandard education, and have very limited opportunities for employment or further education." Thus causing them to not even have the ability to succeed in the future due to there minimal and simple education and being treated as lower class citizens, this has led to unemployment, which "particularly affects Czech Roma communities, who are estimated by some sources to make up a third of all those registered as unemployed in the Czech Republic." So even if born with much possible potential, the EU governments still make it impossible to live out there potentials by stunting their education as children, making it impossible for them to be successful as adults, making a continuous circle of Roma people being less than they could achieve. So for the poor discriminated Roma people, they see no hope for the future for if they can even pay for school, they're child will never be able to get a good job due to the sub-standard education given in Europe, leaving the people poor for generation after generation. So all throughout Europe, the EU government is forcibly putting down the Romani people and making them un-able to succeed in their society simply due to discrimination and in doing this, they are making everything the adults are discriminated for, true for their children in the future.

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Task 3: Chris


Romani children are like the students in “An Indian Education.” They are like them because they both are not given the opportunity for a good education due to there race. Parents from the better school think that if Romani children enter their school then there children’s education will decrease due to their living conditions and their culture. In “Indian Education” the main character Victor says at the end “ Why should we organize a reservation high school reunion? My graduating class has a reunion every weekend at the Powwow Tavern.” This shows that with out an opportunity at a good education, people will not go far in life. “An Indian Education” shows discrimination in schools also. “They stole my glasses and threw them over my head, around my outstretched hands, just beyond my reach, until someone tripped me and sent me falling again, facedown in the snow.” This shows discrimination against Victor’s heritage and culture. In the Czech Republic and many other European countries, Romani people are subject to “police ill-treatment and other racially motivated violence.” Both romani children and the children from "Indian Education" are both seen as stupid or dumb. "Once, she gave the class a spelling test but set me aside and gave me a test designed for junior high students. When i spelled all the words right, she crumpled up the paper and made me eat it." This shows that she didnt think he was smart because he was Indian and that Betty Towle, his teacher was discriminating against him because of his race. Romani children are seen as stupid or dumb by the parents of the normal or regular school. They think that since there lifestyle is not the best, which means that the Romani children will not be smart coming from a run down neighborhood. Both the Romani children and the reservation children are denied a good education. This is why the students from “ An Indian Education” are like the Romani people.

Homeless Romani Family in Italy.
Homeless Romani Family in Italy.

Campo rom Casilino 900

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Integration: Group


Romani people face descrimination all across Europe, forcing stereotypes upon these group of people and judging them unfairly. One way that we can lift the stereotypes off the romani people is putting romani children into non romani schools. In order to do that we must raise enough money to send ten romani children to a non romani school by a very discriptive tv commercial, and a fundraiser. Then we send the money to europe and convert it to their currency. Then we got to gather ten children with the exeption of their parrents, and send them to a non-Romani school. Then we will tell the school that if the students pass then they get to stay in school but if they fail then they will get kicked out of the school. If the students are having trouble with discrimination in the school then we will immediatly send a complaint about this to the school and we will take the students that are suffering the most out of the school for a while and teach them at home until the school deals with the problem. If this plan succeds then we will move on to the next town and try to repeat the prosses.

Task 5: Dakota

The song "Not Afraid" by Eminem connects to the woman in task 1.


In the very opening of the song he sings "I'm not afraid to take a stand" he sings this saying that he is not afraid to do something. That connects to the woman who lost her baby to the government because she was not afraid to go through all the trouble getting all of the volunteers to help her out. She also sent out all of the photos of her baby after birth. The government finaly agreed to give the baby back to her rightful parents because everyone stood up to the government to get the baby back and to achieve equality. Another part of the song is when he sings "everybody come take my hand," this is saying that he wants everyone to join him. Similarly to how all of the volunteers helped the mother get her baby back from the government. Everyone joining together is important because it will make achieving equality easier. Also in the opening he sings "we will walk this road together, throughout the storm, whatever weather, cold or warm" that is relating to all of the Romani's who have to deal with poor treatment everyday because they are different. However, the Romani people keep fighting the government for equality.

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