Anti-semetic hate crimes In Europe

(Descrated Gaves)

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Task 1: Anti Setmetism in Sweden (Michael)
Judith Popinski arrived in sweden when she was rescued from a consitration camp, she was treated very kindly when she first arrived. She raised a family in Malmo for a long tim until the last year when anti semetic hate started to rise. Jewish cemitaries were repeatedly vandilised with racist signs like swastikas and prayers were abused on their way home by masked men yelling "hitler" at them. Judith said that "I never thought I would see this hatred again in my lifetime, not in Sweden anyway"(Meo,Nick). The anti semetic hate was coming from the new immigrating muslims. The hate against Jews in Malmo was spreading even to schools, parents were brain washing their children about Jews to the point where "Muslim school children often ignore me now when I talk about my experiences in the camps"(Meo,Nick). There were several police reports about hate crimes against Jews, Mrs. Popinski reports "It reminded me of what I saw in my youth. Jews feel vulnerable here now."(Meo,Nick). Judith Popinski felt to much anti semetic hate in Malmo that she felt to threatened to the point where she moved she said that "I thought this couldn't happenin Sweden'.Now I know otherwise"(Meo,Nick).

prisoner8.JPEG(A Jewish Concentration camp in the Holocaust)

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Task2: Polish prisoners (Dan)
There use to be about 3.5 million Jews in Poland, but today the Jewish population is not even close to that because of the Holocaust. In the Holocaust so many Jewish people died so there are many Jewish grave cites with no families to take care of them. Polish prisoners today are starting to take a stand against anti-Semitism. The prisoners are made to “clean and restore abandoned Jewish cemeteries”(Heuler). Also the Prisoners are heavily educated about the Jewish religion by the Polish Jewish community. The head Rabbi who started and runs the program; Michael Schudrich says that this program “helps both Jewish community and the prisoners”(Heuler). . The prisoners attitudes have changed dramatically since the program has started, Schudrich explains “Sometimes the best questions I have ever heard have come from prisoners; they were sensitive, insightful and thoughtful.”(Heuler). The program helps the Jewish people because more people are educated about the “importance of Jews in society” (Heuler). and it helps the prisoners because their reputation goes up in the community. The prisoners have been educated greatly about Jewish culture. One of the prisoners on the job explains “There is still anti-Semitism in Poland, it is necessary to have programs like this that challenge the way people think."(Heuler). This program has helped out Poland’s Jewish community greatly and has helped to fight back anti-Semitism.

File:Buchach Jewish Graveyard (86).jpg
File:Buchach Jewish Graveyard (86).jpg
(Some Jewish graves)

external image WW2-Holocaust-Poland.PNG

(Map of the Holocaust in Poland during World War II, 1939-1945)

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Task 4: Steps to stop inequality in Europe

1:Make sure that everyone in Europe are educated on the Jewish religion and about the past they had in consintration camps
2:Learn about the major Jewish events in the past like the Holocuast and the creation of Israel.
3:Teach the youth in school about Jewish history so they know anti semetic hate is bad.
4:Have people vistit synagogues to learn about the Jewish religion and their way of life.
5: Protest agaist anti semetic hate so people know that it is wrong and not okay.
6:Respect the way Jews life and get rid of all Jewish jokes and comments.